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Welcome to the Website of Jagera Wholesale Vireya, a specialist Vireya Nursery offering both hybrids and species for the domestic and export market. Vireya Rhododendrons have become increasingly popular as garden plants in milder climates and conservatory plants where winters are frosty. Vibrant blooms ,often perfumed, produced on a shrub with deep green glossy foliage are the features characterising this group of plants. A complete catalogue of Vireya is available from our nursery and will be provided on request. See the products catalogue for Neil's selection of best performers.

Vireya Rhododendron can be used successfully as garden plants or as featured potted plants placed on paved or timber deck areas. Their Glossy green foliage and vibrant flowers add beautifully to either cottage , sub- tropical or tropical style gardens.

Planting VireyaVireya do best with 3-4 hours of morning sun followed by filtered midday and afternoon sun. Full sun is generally too harsh, exceptions include the hybrids Haloed Gold and Summer Glow . Deep shade results in poor growth and reluctance to flower.

Plant Vireya on the ground rather than in the ground. To achieve this utilise built up beds filled with free draining mix or simply place on the soil in a shallow depression and build up around the plant with a free draining mix rather than soil. Do not cover the surface roots with mix , leave the original pot surface visible to avoid suffocation and root rot problems A light mulch of pinebark is beneficial.

Vireya in pots do well provided they are not overpotted ,and a free draining mix is used.If using a drip tray stand the pot on feet to avoid the pot standing in water. .Suggested Landscape uses

As Borders - using the more compact types as an edging . The hybrids Saxon Glow and Saxon Blush are particularly good creating a box hedge effect but with flowers . Others to look for include ; Charming Valentino and Kisses.

Add vibrant colour - choose one of the vibrant orange, yellow or red vireya to make a statement in a foliage dominant garden. Thai Prince , Tropic Glow , Fireplum or Inferno in flower can really make a statement.

Create a full bed of colour - A massed planting of hybrids that compliment each other can really put on a show not only in spring but autumn also. Try to avoid the pink and orange combinations. There are quite a few nice whites , creams and apricots that will enhance the pinks rather than clash. It is best to check growth habits of the hybrids and locate taller hybrids to the back grading down to the more compact types in front. Eg Haloed Gold , Blondi and Coral Seas to the back , Bobs Choice , Highland Arabesque , Princess Alexander and Clair in the middle and some of the border suggestions for the front.

As a Feature Pot Plant - Choose a more compact type . Just Peachy, Charming Valentino and Fireplum are excellent.

Add Perfume - Try ; Strawberry Parfait, Aravir , Loranthifolium , Jean Baptist , Pink Swan or Blondi all of these are sweetly scented.

For the Tropical Look - use hybrids Superfleur , The Trophy or May West. These have very large glossy leaves and produce extra large pink flowers. Stunning when combined with tropical foliage.


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